Dain Andoe Aossi 7th

Dain Andoe Aossi 7thName: Dain Andoe Aossi 7th

Aliases: Elfin King, King Elven, Aossi 

Heritage: Terran Elven-Fae, Elemental, Seelie

Gender: Male

Age: 466 Terra/Earth years

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Height: 6ft 3inches

Weight: 158 lbs

Eyes: Soft antediluvian laurel green, greyish green

Hair: Silver grey, with the hair being shoulder-length and wavy.

Body Build: Slender with muscular definition, perfectly portioned

Complexion: Caucasian

Special Features: A gleam of wisdom in the eyes, Elven ears, long delicate fingers and beautiful physical features, seem otherworldly.

Personality: He is highly intelligent, wise, diplomatic, hubristic, regal, sombre, calculating, charming, centred, decisive, protective, inspirational, ethical, and a true leader.

Life Status: King, warrior, married, scholar, father, grandfather and poet laureate.

Titles: Dain Andoe Aossi 7th, HRH Terra Elfin King Dain Andoe Aossi 7th,  HRH Earth Elfin King Dain Andoe Aossi 7th, Imperial Terran Elf King, Knight of the Realm of Eire, King Aossi, King Dain, Elfin King, King Elven, Aossi

Special Info: (Abilities/Weaknesses/Etc.)

 Wields all Fae magics, white magics, druidic magics – nature manipulators with minor elemental nature-based abilities.


Queen Etain Ernmas Aossi ( Wife – deceased )

Princess Leanan Sídhe Aossi ( Daughter, heir apparent ) 

King Dain Andoe Aossi 6th ( Father – Deceased )

Queen Airmed Medb Aossi ( Mother, nee – Sidhe – Deceased )

No siblings


Became king upon his father’s death, death during the last troll war. He is a favourite of Queen Titania Fae Aos-Si because he is famed poet laureate. He lives in Tír na nÓg Realm, a hidden plain of existence upon the Earth/Terra. Has been to the Realm of Eire twice to visit the Most High Fae Queen.

Tír na nÓg is an alternative plain of existence on Earth/Terra. The realms of Terran/Earth Fae abides as though the Earthling world does not exist on the planet. It is an alternative existence of plain of existence on the planet Earth/Terra. Hence, Earthlings do not exist in it and rarely ever are permitted access to it.

Dain Andoe Aossi 7th Emblems 1 – Fae Emblem.  2 – Elven Emblem.  3 – Terran Elven Emblem.

4 – Dain Andoe Aossi 7th, Fae Knight Shield. 5 -Dain Andoe Aossi 7th, Elven Knight Shield 6 – Dain Andoe Aossi 7th, Draconian Knight Shield.


More Information

Fae Species:


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