Meri Ceas

Meri Ceas Liqui - image 2Name:  Meri Ceas

Aliases: Mrs. Liqui, Mrs. Meri Ceas Liqui


Heritage: NeoImmortal – Pure Neo

Bio-gender:  Female

Age: Eternal/Infinite – 40 something

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Height: 5 foot 9 inches

Weight: 134lbs

Eyes: Soft blue

Hair: Blonde, short stylized

Body Build:  Athletic, femininely muscular

Complexion: Caucasian

Special Features: N/A


Personality: Calm, thoughtful, peaceful, focused, strict and intellectual


Life Status:  Immortal, wife, mother, singer, explorer


Special Info: (Abilities/Weaknesses/Etc.)

Weakness – Valor Weed and Abyss of Silence.

Abilities – Water Elemental NeoImmortal. Master elemental water conjurer. Excellent swimmer.


Titles:  12th Knighten of Draconia, Sea Queen, Mer-Queen, 12th Lady-Knight of Fae, 2nd Knightress of Titania



Partner of Meri Ceas: Aquaes Liqui ( Prime Elemental NeoImmortal )

Children: Oceanus Liqui ( Son ), Aqui Liqui ( Son ), Oceania Liqui (

Daughter ), Riveria Liqui ( Daughter ), Rayne Liqui ( Daughter )

Father: Asa Ceas

Mother: Ceana Ceas

Siblings: Riva Ceas ( elder sister ), Iva Ceas ( younger sister )



Meri Ceas has the honour of possessing true immortality due to being transformed into Aquaes Liqui`s betrothed mate. She does live a NeoImmortal life without being considered to be a goddess. She worships the Creator. She has NeoImmortal parents and an entire NeoImmortal parental family.



– Immortal

– Elemental Humanoids

– Lifespan Eternal

– Weaknesses: (Valor weed, primordial energy and Silent Abyss)

– Elemental wielding.

– Creator birthed

Meri Ceas Liqui - Shields - blog

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