Megathirio – Chapter 2

2 Chapter Ads - MegathirioAs such occurs, Augusta grasps Aqui by his waist belt. Then with one leap upwards, she rockets them both into the skies by pulling the Ice Lord long with her ascension into the upper atmosphere. The others swiftly become unseen. Soon Augusta and her attentive audience come to a stop above the fray of the storm. And, in that, she holds her nephew close in eyeing him as he remains bound and gagged.

“ Why do you hate me? ” Asks Augusta after untying the cloth gag to allow an answer from the Ice Lord.

“ Hate? ” Aqui questions in seeming puzzled by such a notion. “ No, Augusta Aeries, I would never dare. You are loved into existence by Ci, my uncle. Every essence of me worships him. There is no entity here that owns an ounce of any negativity about Cian Immortalis. No one would dare. ” 

“ Then why do you not respect me? I am a Neo Prime.” She queries in maintaining a firm grip on preventing him from plummeting to meet the landscape below.

Aqui winces in thinking that such is absurd. Every logical aspect of him questions such a statement. Thus, he cooly conveys, “ I don’t understand why anyone does. ” 

“ Huh? “ Flings as Augusta’s response while looking at him in shock. It comes followed by a disbelieving shake of her head about this Demi NeoImmortal holding the audacity to be not begging for his life. Such a notion causes pause within Augusta for she can feel his aura still lovingly reaching to touch her own. And, nothing in the touch possesses negativity, it merely owns wonder and wanting to understand. So part of her wants to understand this conflicting information of words and aura.

“ Question. Do you not want to be regarded for your own merits, appreciated for who you are? ” Aqui quizzes of her in clarifying while continuing to speak as Augusta remains confused about his intentions. “ You constantly claim Terran DNA. You disrespect the Neo culture when you do. You blaze proudly into any rebellion that you desire. So why should any respectable Neo think anything but contempt about you? So respect, no. None, not for someone who will not even respect themselves enough to honour who they truthfully are. ” 

Clarity with a longing stare in those eyes as his body declares no struggle for his life. Augusta’s body stiffens against the comments and reaction. However, her grip remains tight on his waist belt. Her holding on for the temptation to send such arrogant insolence to its death comes powerfully desired.

 “ You should die for this.” Comes declaring as the atmospheric winds rage into an intense tight stationary wind tornado needling over the seas below.

 “ Then do it! ” Spits sharply from Aqui, “ Do it, for it is the Prime Neo thing to do! ”  

The seriousness in his eyes glares, begs her to be who she truly is. In that Aqui`s aura wraps hers. A strong, bold, imperious aura that holds a growing warmth. Family love in a hoping that she will prove to possess what Cian Immortalis claims her worthy of.

“ I am willing to die for my culture, my family and for my Creator. Are you willing to be who you are? ” comes as chilling words etched in demand with the Ice Lord holding on to hope.

Augusta’s senses instantly become rock by such willingness to be in the Silent Abyss. Hence, she stammers, “ Death,…why..why die..die for me? ”

Looking at her, with tears welling in those white eyes, Aqui says, “ Because family needs family. Do you want to be part of our family, our love? Can you try to be? ”

Stinging words with the realization that so far her immortal life can be perceived as he claims. She had not thought of that. Of how clinging to a Mortal lifetime screams insults. It truthfully possesses offensiveness when peered at through a Neos perception. And, that directs ideas that she is unworthy of respect.  

In swallowing hard Aqui owns that death enters as judgement and so he coolly chuckles, “ My family is not really bad. And, we can be messed up as much Mortals. So really, you can be one of us, be a Neo. And, as time passes you might feel even more like you once did. ”

Honest words, hard words and yes, Augusta remains pondering a judgement. Within the thoughts of possibly ‘no Silent Abyss’, her gaze notices a strange light on the distant horizon. Hence, there comes no reply to the statement. That causes Aqui to wonder why. Thus, he turns to gaze toward where she stares at.

 “ Wow, impressive off-world elemental energy. ” Arrives spoken in awe by Aqui. ” Powerful, like my father and illegal here. ” 

“ Off-world? ” queries Augusta in being captivated in thinking that she has seen the light before. 

“ Gemstone theft! ” She gasps of realization of what occurs.

 “ Throw me. I will freeze the bastards. Father will feel the danger. Then the others will help. ” anxiously request Aqui.

Without a moment’s hesitation, the stationary wind tornado tightens into a thread of swirling atmospheric pressure. It then roars in torpedoing across the sea surface. Its high-speed swirling air mixes with water as it zooms along. It barely misses colliding with an incoming wave of thermos wind. Winds commanded from the upper thermosphere. The second winds rocket toward Aqui and Augusta to then grip Aqui as Augusta releases him.

Aqui shouts, “ Eyes closed, telepathy, come, we got ’em this time! ” 

Then both Neos are suddenly whipped at a terrifying velocity in a race to meet the wind tornado. 

“ Break the casting, ” proclaims Aqui as telepathy begins. 

But, it is mentioned too late as Augusta must control the winds to properly dump Aqui. Thus, she requires full focus, for he might acquire body damage if she does not. But, she succeeds in landing Aqui in the direct path of the wind tornado. This powerful force stations close to the emanating light beam. 

“ One shot at, ” Aqui relays as Augusta teleports in sailing next to him to then swiftly redirect the tornado into a wind wall to circularly encompass the immediate area.  

Then a larger energy beam materializes causing four cloaked humanoids to be appear. Each persona grips an obsidian staff while piercing the dark green waters of the Amerian Ocean. Then comes an incantation for a dark energy spell. The energy formed from it initiates a spell casting to powerfully open, clear and drill through anything. In a minor few seconds, it drills down into the oceanic waters. It creates a fast opening tunnel in a path down to the seabed. Down, down, down with all manner of sea creatures horrified in vacating the area. 

“ Ice the bastards,” commands Augusta as Aqui comes caught in the wind wall. 

The Ice Lord bounces against pressurized air before it melting around him. He then becomes held within the churning surface of high-pressure air. He tries to gain balance and does so when air bricks stabilize his standing. This is halts the action of being thrown across the sea rapidly. It shakes him into dizziness for a few moments but Aqui is renowned for being capable.  

In feeling anchored Aqui`s eyes capture sight of the nearest cloaked figure. And, within his mind, Augusta hears the ice summoning, ‘ Glazier imperious! ’

His soul masterfully conjures laser-like solid ice fragments to bullet across the skyline. However, the tunnelling energy from the cloaked invaders meets the organic seafloor. It does as the ice bullets swat the staff from the hands of a cloaked figure.  

“ Spell chain broke! Broken! ” ascends from Aqui in the telepathy sharing as Augusta attempts to moor the wind wall into less churning. 

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