Athirio Seabees

Athirio Seabees - ArtName: Athirio Seabees

Aliases: Boo

Heritage: Aquatic Dragon-Leviathan

Gender: Male

Age: 89 years old

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Type: Leviathan

Intelligence: He has animal intelligence, survival instinct and uses the Primitive Draci language

Appearance: He looks strong, lean, muscular, and agile.

Head: Wedge/Crocodile snoot shaped  and has several lesser spinal bone horns.
Limbs: 0
Skin Type: Supple steel like scales of various sizes and textures.
Skin tone: greyish blue-green
Size: 291 feet long
Weight: Varies, 364 tonnes.
Eye Color: piercing black
Hair: N/A – spinal bones horns

Languages: Primitive Draci

Special Qualities: Enjoys playing games.

Personality: He is loyal, brave, a strategist, protective, friendly, playful and cautious.


Spouse: N/A ( Many, polygamist )
Offspring: N/A ( Many )

Lifespan: 100-120 years

Special Features: Scar on tail.

Life Status:Warrior,  friend to Aqui Liqui

Weakness: His weakness are mortal death, diseases, seriously damaging necessary life organs and enormous blood loss.
Abilities: Has the ability of night vision and is fierce in battle by being built for combat.

History: At his birth, he was gifted to Aqui Liqui as a companion. He guards the coastline of the Liqui family’s vacation homelands on the planet of Iuqil. He is a friend to the Liqui family. Plus, he is part of an army of leviathan on the planet Iuqil in the Titan Solar System.
His nickname is Boo because he loves playing peekaboo. He is Aqui Liqui`s Boo, the Ice Lord`s Boo.

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