Megathirio – Chapter 5

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The peachy red-coloured sun in the Titan Solar System peeks through the darkness to make pre-dawn. Day nine, the last day of the so-called family vacation of the four Prime Elementals and their families. A day waited for, a day planned.

A day that starts with Augusta waking from the one-hour bio-gen sleeping. That finds her cradled by a large stone slab used for outdoor dining. Her fully clothed body lay there with a linen sheet draping over her as the first awareness of waking arrives. Within that, Augusta wonders why her body aches within a stiffness. But then her eyes open. That permits an understanding as the morning sky is right there.

” Damn, damn, again. ” Arrives wrathfully groaning, knowing that waking on atop of the stone table makes it the second day of it.

For seven days the others have mischievously moved Augusta during the bio-gen sleep sessions. Each one-hour sleep session begins on the comfy feather bed in her designated cottage. But waking could be anywhere. Including yesterday with waking at the bottom of the large wishing well floating on a small raft.

The other family members call these fun times, playful vacation amusements carried out by Aquaes and Meri`s adult children. The Air Immortal learns that being the newbie owns the treasure of pranks during the first visit. So all of the harmless toying with her sleeping is endured and allowed.

” Breakfast feast is ready, come.” Warmly conveys Tierra in waking toward the stone table after teleporting close to it. Tierra walks up to Augusta while laughing about the situation.

” Ya know, they adore you. And, be thankful that Iggy`s, nor my offspring wanted to help with the pranks. Most of them became bored of it centuries ago. “

” Yes, Tierra, I understand that. But, damn, I am pleased that it ends today. ” Share Augusts in rubbing out the ache in her neck before standing to stretch.

” It does, yes. However, so do a few other things. Today, we watch a leviathan coming of age ritual. That ends a life, two lives today with two challengers. It is never a good day when a benevolently wise leader meets death. ” Solemnly adds Tierra in knowing what plans do fill the day before they each depart for other destinations.

In hearing Tierra, Augusta finds a deeper understanding of who Tierra Soli is. It becomes further recognized that the Earth Immortal helps create life. Tierra helps design new life, new species but another part of that is this day. A day of death, an end to something living, ending of a life lived. It brings further knowledge that each Prime deeply feels life and death existing around them. They do even though they live with no death possible for them ever.

” Are you okay, Tierra? ” compassionately queries Augusta with wanting to gauge the depth of sadness.

” Yes, for all mortals die. But, I do prefer it to occur due to age, not struggling to affirm adulthood. This rite of passage to procreate via challenging the leader sickens me. ” Replies Tierra to then pause in picking up an end of the linen bedsheet before nodding toward Augusta. ” Please, help me fold the bedsheet. “

Augusta dutifully does as asked. Then she ends the task by kissing Tierra’s facial cheek while saying, ” Yeah, kind of not interested in battle either. But, Iggy claims that the two younglings will retrieve a precious relic today before they battle Bedivere. ”

” Uhm, yes, and that is a rarity. However, I think that it is an attempt by the other twelve to extend Bedivere`s reign.” Tierra shares within a partial smirk followed by an exhaustive sigh.

” Wear out the competition? ” Augusta questions with joining Tierra in a strolling toward the communal hall.

” Augusta, we may never choose sides if it is not dealing with justice or broken laws. And, this event is part of natural law, species laws and rightful process. ” Convey Tierra as they approach the building that is used as a communal indoor dining room and entertainment hall.

“ Oh, I know but Iggy told me that this is because of me. That Bedivere releases something into my care as long as I take it to the Bonemaker. “ And, as Augusta said that she ponders what a Bonemaker could be.

“ Yes, Sutseahpeh has been instructed by Gracio to forge it for you. I do wonder what its aura energy will design it into. ” Claim Tierra as they walk the steps into the building.

“ Forge it? Forge what from what? ” questions Augusta in not quite realizing what material is shaping the gift.

“ Yes, to work the aura energy that remains in the sea seasoned spinal bone of Arthuris. He was the Master leviathan before Bedivere. Arthuris was a mighty Master that lived past the average lifetime of any known Levithan. ” Convey the Earth Immortal in supplying some missing information to nudge along realization.

” Iuqil`s first leviathan own direct ascension from a birthing by Gracio herself. Creator assisted birthing, Arthorian was one of the sons of Gracio. Upon his death, Gracio commanded the forging of a weapon from the main spinal bone. Ever since then such becomes done with every deceased sea seasoned backbone of a Master Levithan from Iuqil. The item created becomes a weapon gift to a deserving Draconian. ”

Tierra watches the reaction of Augusta. It is a flushed pale visage upon the younger Goddess’s face. It comes followed by a hard swallow with no words forthcoming. Tierra expected that but knowledge owns power and so she continues the exchange of info to empower her sister.

” Gracio possesses Arthorian`s spear, her son’s spine rests in on the wall behind that throne in her main palace on Draconia. You have held it, played a dual with it and kissed it.“

” Ah, oh, eh, uhm, hm, oh, and …uhm…” Forms in stammering to then relax into related but unrelated thoughts before saying, ” So, these beasts are truly my siblings.”

“ Yes, these leviathan are your siblings. They are not merely DNA mixing but factual birthed Dragons directly of Gracio. ” Claims Tierra in seeing Iggy enter the communal hall just after they do. “ And, they take great pride in that, pride in knowing you are one of them. Of having you near to them, to be anything to you. It is a treasure beyond compare. ”

“ You got biomaterial from the staffs, Te, did you? “ Iggy queries strutting over to the stone hearth in the middle of the enormous room. He smiles with blowing a fire-filled kiss toward the logs to encourage igniting flames upon the logs laying there. With rubbing his hands he encourages heat to come forth as he turns toward his two sisters with expecting an answer.

“ Yes, Iggy, I will take it back to Titania to deal with the discovery of species and possibly do research. When there I will document findings in our journal about the thefts. ” Tierra shares in tucking the linen sheet in a cabinet near the entry of the building.

“ Okay. Then add that I found pure Neo life heat, a NeoImmortal heat signature blazes in them. A studied NeoImmortal conjurer initiated the magic. What little magic left in the four staffs clung to specks of Neo aura heat. The cold ocean should have dissipated that but strangely a barely noticeable portion is detected when I inspected the four stone rods. It took over ninety hours of concentrated inspection in my Prime fire mediation circle but we now have that as a clue. “

” You found clues? ” Excitedly interrupts Augusta with then pushing eagerly for more, ” Do you know who it is, who they were? “

” No, could not tell. Too little evidence. But, at least it may confirm that NeoImmortals are involved. So it might be a NeoImmortal owning the capability of wielding powerful and seemingly primordial Fae magic. ”

” Fae, ” queries Tierra with a tone of surprise as she then pauses before adding, “ that intends that possibly the culprits are Fae. Titania Fae needs to be informed. Anything about primordial Fae energy requires her being told. She will be furious that any creature outside herself dares to access it. “

As the words are heard both of the other Primes present display dread about that idea. They do and tension in discomfort comes even though they adore the Fae Queen. And, in that Iggy supplies, “ Yes, everyone knows that Titania Fae Aos-Si disallows the usage of primordial Fae magics, all primordial magic is banned by her royal degrees. She is the only one permitted to use any of it. Therefore we can expect her to turn the universe inside in a predatory hunt for any scent of such magic wielding. “

The three of them look at each other knowing chaos is being birthed by this need to inform the original assesses of all magics. Each also recognizes that such a duty of telling the Fae Queen naturally falls to Augusta. It does due to being married to the Fae Queen. That allows the possibility of calmer reactions. Hence, a grimace within a sigh as Augusta mournfully admits it.

“ Yes, I will. But, first bones and the ritual. ” And then in turning to walks toward the refreshment table, a query, “ When does the race to the bones begin? ”

“ It begins soon. Inpes said that he and Soleus will find you when it’s time. ” Supply Iggy with then adding, “ You will be riding on Athirio. Did they tell you that? ”

He glances toward Augusta with a fear that such doesn’t upset her. It might even though a lot about the leviathan existing smoothed out during recent days. However, everyone knows that unlike everyone else Augusta has not touched or ridden a leviathan.

However as she focuses on pouring Jessium juice into a mug she giggles in replying, “ Soleus and Inpes only relay info. Do not worry about it. Aqui discussed it with me with it being my idea. I want to ride to the bottom of the ocean to see the cavern where the bone seasoned. It is proper to honour my dead family with respectful thanksgiving. ”

Within being wide-eyed Tierra exclaims “ Wow! Brave, my goodness. ”

“ Good on you sister,” encourages Iggy as he goes on to say, “ I assume an air pocket and a wildling harness. ”

“ Yes, Aqui allows me to use his until he has one made for me. ” Claims Augusta while watching Inpes enter the communal hall.

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