Megathirio – Chapter 4

4 Chapter Ads - MegathirioAugusta is positioned in the air over the sea in continuing the study of the beasts. At that moment, Aqui rides up to be alongside. She notices him when she sees the snout of the fifth leviathan snout out of the corner of her left eye.

“ My god! “ She exclaims with instantly moving several feet to her right.

Close, too close for comfort and, that has Aqui and Aquaes roar out with laughter. In that boisterousness, Aquaes inserts, “ I think Meri will disagree. I am ‘kind of’ her god. ”

That brings more laughter from both males. However, Augusta does not find amusement in any of it. In noticing this Aqui comes up next to her to hold a hand. In doing so, he keeps his beast steady while silently commanding the water to push them closer to Augusta. However, Augusta’s heart becomes rapid with noticing what is going on. Therefore instinct forces fear. She fears when she does not need to own that about anything. And the Ice Lord senses that, so he tenderly finger caresses for her hand.

“ So friendly, one of my best friends. Athirio hurts no one. Aunt Augusta, Athirio is a good boy. I promise. ” Conveys Aqui in stretching forth his free hand in saying, “ Glacier, imperious, boat. ”

Then the Ice Lord points to an area on top of the ocean beneath her feet. In that location, a small rowboat forms entirely of ice. It is small enough to occupy four humanoids but, it holds no oars. It glistens like a dancing diamond in the sunlight, a crystalline piece of beauty that is as clear as glass. Hence, the sea below it is viewable when looking at it. And, that allows noticing of the lively bubbles helping to float it.

“ Okay father, that can hold the four obsidian staffs. So if you would, please have our friends place them there. Auntie might feel more at ease with doing it this way. “ Requests Aqui as Aquaes nods toward him before he telepathically directs the four leviathans to do that task.

And that is when the other four leviathans place all of the magically empowered rods in the ice boat. As they do, they then come to surround the three Neos. A something that seems natural to the two male Neos but, Augusta’s Terran sensory continues to claim fear within disbelief. That provokes Aqui to warmly smiles at her in saying.

“ Father has a point about dragons being your family. Dragons believe that you are a member of their family. Just as we Neos do. And, if you think about that, then the truth is that it makes you exceptionally loved. It gives you a truly big-sized family, an eclectic family, including Terrans. That is, you do have that if you want to accept that you are more than Terran. But, to do that, you must decide to respect yourself and to live who you fully are. ”

Augusta heard each word. She did. And strangely, the Ice Lord makes common sense. So she looks at him nestled on the upper back portion of the enormous aquatic dragon. In that, she ponders his ideas about family and her points of view.

‘ It is factual that my genetic code creates a belonging to several species. Those all could be considered families, yes, those could.’ This comes as thoughts within the understanding that she long ago recognized those facts.

” There exists no denial of it. Yes, I suppose that I would not respect myself if I do not accept all of myself. Yes, the rebirthing did as you say, Aqui.” She shares in agreement.

“ Open your mind, sister, “ Conveys Aquaes while commanding the ocean waves to carry the ice boat toward the coastline of Cape Halbrant. “ Open yourself, allow linguistics with these four. Use the Primitive Draci language. They naturally use it telepathically with instinctively understanding it. So do you, for you have Gracio`s DNA coding. ”

Then Aquaes further encourages with finalizing, ” Strangers cannot be strangers once you make them friends. And, being a friend to a leviathan is definitely worth the effort. ”

“ Uhm,” suspiciously conveys Augusta in knowing that she usually can trust Aquaes.

“ I promise, that if you allow access to telepathic sensory abilities, you will not regret it, sister.” He claims in gazing toward her with a loving elder brother smile.

That has Augusta trusting, sort trustful of this idea. Therefore, a deep breath. An inhale before mentally giving access to that portion of the thalamus of her brain. That serves as a relay station to the telepathic sensory in the cortex. As she does, then comes a nod toward her brother to allow him to telepathically convey, “ Bedivere, Gaheris, Galahad, Tristan…the names are in the order of incoming greeting. All are Draconian Knights of Aqueous, ocean protectors. ”

Such acceptance brings Aquaes supplying a nodding gesture toward the four leviathans. However, not all four speak. Only one does.

“ Your holiness, I am Bedivere. All thirteen of us knights serve our Queen Gracio. We merely wish to meet you and eventually gift you something. Our numbers here on Iuqil are small, with a population of thirty-four. Thirty-one of the populace are females, with you making thirty-two females. ”

“ I make thirty-two? ” quizzically interject Augusta in thinking that idea owns impossibility.

“ Yes, you are a leviathan, a dragon, one of us. “ Flies as a response in hints of curiosity with expecting negativity.

In return, Augusta says nothing while folding of arms across her breasts. Then she provides a stare of mediately surveying this creature. In that, no thoughts flow but there exist feelings trying to understand. She wants to comprehend the claims that she is an apex predatory beast. How can she be a carnivore renowned for being the most lethal killer in any sea?

And, in all that quiet Athirio suddenly whips his tail high. Then in one full swooping motion, a wave of water and spray sweep over everyone. All gathered there become soaked by it. And, that has Athirio roaring out, in what seems to be laughing sounds, as he telepathically conveys, “ Of course you are. And, the last one to the coastline without getting beached gets to eat Aqui.”

The leviathan may not be seemingly high intellectual but, they understand fear. Each one knows that Augusta, an important Dragon fears them. And, that must change. So all five of them instantly dive beneath the waters t join in the play, the showing of more than apex predator abides inside them.

Therefore Aqui holds on to Athirio with him knowing this too. He understands that it is all teasing within the hope of moving onward. That occurs as Augusta lowers herself downward. In seconds, she walks on top of the water alongside Aquaes as they stroll toward the coastline.

“ Sister, nothing can harm you. You are a Prime. And, you are my favourite sister. So hold my hand and let us find Meri to tell her that I am still her god. ” Smilingly convey Aquaes within a soft chuckling as he teases with saying ” It will make you her favourite sister-in-law. ”

Augusta shakes her head in being amused by him. He always has a tease or something with simply loving her. He brings relaxation and family, his family. And yes, Neo feelings. Ones that seem almost Terran. Thus, she smiles in taking a deeper breath in relaxing as she convinces herself to allow possible new friendships.

Aquaes senses the easiness returning to Augusta. Thus, he affirms, “ We both know that you are a Dragon. So are they. It takes all sorts of life forms to fill this universe. Here on Iuqil, you may enjoy being a Neo and a Dragon. So enjoy them. They have some adventure to share later in the week, on your last day. ”

With that stated, they walk onward while Aquaes is chatty and Augusta listens. The race to the tidal waters turned out to be five leviathans spouting cannon-like water war in playing along the coastline. That provides Augusta with an understanding that they may be apex predators but, every creature possibly has playfulness. Such a truth helped to pass the next nine days of family vacation on the Iuqil.

Many games, playful adventures, stories and family moments easily flow during that nine days. Within it abides the decision about Aqui. That consists of if Aqui deserves discipline, then it is the Creator who deals with it. Therefore she plans to have a meeting at the Holy Palace upon returning to Titania. It must be that, for within her soul exists the knowledge that such an issue of the death of a Demi NeoImmortal like Aqui Liqui belongs only with the Creator. In that knowing, Augusta denied anyone else from addressing any discipline. To ensure that idea, Augusta places her Prime Neo oath of protection upon him. In return, Aqui supplies a vow of equality respectful allegiance with a penance given by the Creator.

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