Terra Air – Chapter 5

5 Chapter Ads - Terra AirThe wildly powerful wind energy encompasses Augusta upon arrival in the North Atlantic skies. The moment does not affect her more than it seems to be like a woman enjoying a windy day. Her clothing flapping in the rushing breezes with loose strands of hair flipping around. She hovers in the lower atmosphere over the Atlantic Ocean for hours watching the spectacle. The high winds and chaos of seasonal environmental events providing the beauty of hurricanes and tropical storms. The rampaging winds briskly swallowing all that it wishes to while pushing into travelling along.

“ Yes, planet Earth, you go girl, come on baby. Your high winds are so sweet to feel. That is it love me, love me, you are mine, ” Encourages Augusta while spreading arms wide to embrace the energies within a loving intimacy.

She grins as though this be an exquisite pleasure-filled high, a natural high. For her, it is a divine loving relationship between her Prime Elemental soul and owning all that belongs to it.

“ Oh yes, my love, yes, love me and let me feel you fill the sky. I am proud of your caress, so caress me. Move into the ecstasy of dancing into your duty. You will please me. ”

“ Yes, yes, that is it. Please give me bliss, feel me, please me and love me. I love thee. Make love with me! ” She sweetly seduces as though she claims a lover in an orgasmic union as the winds become visible into roaring to surround her in a tyranny of needful worship.

The Wind Goddess’s lips red-painted turn into a seductive well-pleased grin. The carnal smile shows the joy of allowing the Earthly elemental forces to push, probe, fill and create high controlled chaos coming to her. The titanic forces pound her body, a body that instantly transforms into primordial visible energy personified. The divine primal essence that she is then swiftly taking to gripping the Earthly winds. These two energies dance into a whirlwind war of stating who is who. This battle rages wild in a cylinder of controlled forces for several long moments.

Then as the two seeable energies, rage in temperamental wrestling over who gets to be the Top power truly is seen. It is all about control. And, at this moment, her soul energy flashes in and out of existence as the planetary wind willingly gifted submission. Such is noticed as the roaring swirling cylinder of wind suddenly peacefully releases into a dead stop.

“ Good, my love,” Announces Augusta with a pleasureful satisfaction as her physical body returns to its humanoid physical state.

” My Earthly winds, thy power is glorious. I am your master for all time. The divinity of me lay claim to thee. Thou wilt do as I command. ” She commanded into the skies.

Then she raises her right palm to blow kisses toward all four directions of the wind rose. “ You are loved north, east, south and west winds of the compass, we are forever one.”

This action allows the farther existence of the atmospheric wind forces that Earthlings come to call tropical storm Kirk.

Augusta hovers in the wind-torn skies looking into the distance. The Island of Boa Vista, which belongs to the Cape Verde Isles, is the next destination.

Boa Vista, a mostly flat island possessing numerous mountains, several large beaches, the main river and a desert with dune fields. It is a tourist destination and a place of growing dates. Included in this tourism is Terran Fae travel there when permitted to be on the Earthling realm of the planet.

And, so she takes deep breaths in preparation for going. She has to meet with a particular Elf, one that owns opinions about her. Plus, the hour is getting later in the, nearly sunset.

“ Okay, so teleportation it is. Materialization in the ladies’ bathroom of the Royal Horizon Hotel of Boa Vista, so focus. ” Instantly Augusta vanishes from the skies with reappearing at that exact location.

Then she slips to the front desk to acquire the room reservation with its key. After which she quietly finds the suite of rooms to enjoy the bio-gen sleep that occurs during every sunset and sunrise. The resting is approximately hour. Then upon waking she refresh her appearance before returning to the main floor of the Boa Vista Hotel.

Without even enjoying a single breath a flowing strut whip into action. Every fibre of her seems to almost float as natural self-confidence radiates in every motion made. She is at home when Earth air fills the senses. Hence, a grin of satisfaction possesses lips with every cell of her enjoying being the goddess that she is. That truth owns obviousness as she enters the hotel’s restaurant.

Looking around she wishes to discover if Dain Aossi arrived before her. Queen Titania claims that he practically lives at this hotel when on the Earthling realm. She mentioned many other things about him too. Some extremely negative and others descriptive.

“ Silver grey, shoulder-length, wavy hair with soft antediluvian laurel green eyes, that is what she said.” Comes barely audible in gazing around searching for the Elven king. “ Come out, come out wherever you are. It’s time to meet the Mortal filth that stains your High Queen Aos-Si. ”

As the words arrive spoken a waiter walks up giving a polite nod in sharing, “ Ms. Cian, Mr. Dain awaits in the far corner behind the group of potted palm trees.”

After this, the Human male politely shows her to the location of Dain. Then with an elegant half-bow the waiter pulls out a chair to assist in sitting. In doing so Dain rises to his feet to supply a slight bow before returning to where he sat prior. Next, he claims with a half-grin, “ We know who we are so no need for the usual formalities. It will only draw unnecessary attention. “ arrives sincerely in arrogance while seeming like he is in charge of the situation. “ As you know I demanded this meeting…”

“ Be careful, King Aossi. ” Sharply interrupts Augusta while peering into his eyes in a coldly ruthless stare in clarifying the situation. “ The last time that I checked, I am the Air Prime Elemental. So, I do require the usuals. ”

The Elf king immediately feels a lethal shiver whiplash through his veins causing blood to run fearfully cold. The energy is like death creeping in as he instantly wonders if he now takes his last breaths. And, that is highly possible for he owns a bit of hatred toward her. They both know it, both understand that he disrespects Terran/Humans at every opportunity. He also know of her reincarnation. So, they each recognizes a need of understanding who is whom. Hence, instantly the regal Elf slips from the seat falling upon knees in pleading, ” Holiness, please, I humbly beg for your forgiveness. I beg to be worthy of your presence. ”

He knelt there, eyes lowered his voice trembling in utter fear with breath steering to riding heavy. It comes so profound that she can hear his heart loudly pound as the display comes efficient in respecting the powerful entity  that gifts him an audience.

Within that Augusta coldly stares at him while pondering a chat that she had with Titania Fae. A whimsical yet serious conversation in concern to the Fae species that are associated with Earth. That conversing is why Augusta knows about the Terran Elf king’s disrespect. During that discussion, the Fae queen requested that it be dealt with using extreme disciplining. However, Augusta wonders if the ruthless cruelty of her wife’s wishes should control anything that she does.

And, in the line of thought there placidly arrives, “ Sit in the chair. And, remember me, remember me with every breath that you will ever enjoy. Otherwise, the stupidity outweighs your hatred of me. I accept that, so should you. But, disrespecting your breaths only give dull-wittedness. And, we both know that an Elf king must never be stupid. ”

He hears it. The benevolence comes unexpectedly. This silver-haired male had figured the Terran DNA within her leads into unchained things. The rumours state of hedonism, with her lacking the typical Prime Elemental characteristics.

“ Now, get up, because I have questions. The expectation is of truth, eyes to eyes are demanded. Otherwise, your queen commands dismemberment due to the attempt of disrespect. ”

He heard that too with it causing eyes to widen and hard swallow of suddenly dead air as he swiftly rises to stand. Then in brushing off what he deems as a near-death experience there arrives a settling back upon the seat at the corner table. As this occurs Augusta passes him her water glass.

“ Drink, calm down and tell me about Delbaeth`s ambitions. Share every ounce of related facts and assumptions. Let us get to the business of a decent alliance between us. ”

The following few hours filled with chat. Topics vary with acquiring much more knowledge about the Elf scribe, the burial mounds, planetary weather and various aspects of Terran Elf life.

“ Thank you, Dain, and yes all planetary weather patterns seem to be encoded in my knowledge base. Earth is no exception, thus I know it’s natural that hurricanes exist in this portion of the planet during this period of the yearly planet rotation. ”

“ That is a reason why I decided to not carry out rituals. This year the storms come harsher within constant bombardment. It is vastly more important to maintain the stability of mounds than to hold a grave inspection ritual. The need for ritual owns no importance compared to losing Elven lives and unquestionable desecration. Both the dragon queen and Queen Aos-Si do agree. ”

Augusta ponders of that for a long moment before replying, “ Understood, uhm and very interesting, ” She shares this while calculating more questions. More wonderings as she uses a fork to play with the last bits of a meal upon the plate in front of her.

The two of them enjoyed a scrumptious meal of local cuisine along with delicious tropical drinks. The pleasure of it accompanied the chatter where she found out that Delbaeth became strangely reclusive two years ago. Along with that much abides as unknown about his recent activities. However, whispers of meetings with cloaked mystery humanoids abound. Along with a former servant claiming that a powerful out world spiritual wizard held council with Delbaeth gifting forbidden magics.

“ Legally he may not perform forbidden magics in concern to the tombs. Especially if those are inter-realm magics. Thus, I do assume that only basic rituals are the agenda, high priestly Elven magics. ” Advises Dain in finalizing the info and the possibility of what may be occurring.

“ Once more, understood, but what do off realm magics appear as here on Earth? ” Query Augusta in needing max information.

“ Oh, uh…that tomb emanates lighting with wild thunder shooting from the whirlpool hole. Red lightning bullets from the planet’s core when improper magic becomes used in the ritual. This planet possesses a living entity to fight back. Part of Tierra Soli`s soul lives on this planet. Her biosphere, hence, it’s why Earth became named Terra by Neos. ”

“ I didn’t know that, ” Augusta supplies to then be completely truthful.

“ Nonetheless, I am prepared to assist him. My promise is given to him. The atmospheric wind phenomena can be slightly lessened. But, only for a short period. Anything more harms the natural order of the planet’s weather systems. So, I might bring Kirk and the others to a full momentary stop to duo the fifteen-minute ritual. ”

Dain`s eyes widen in awe as Augusta mentions this easiness in owning the power of. A planetary weather system. He gasps about who sits with him. He swallows hard in truly realizing who he disrespected. And, then he stares blankly in noticing that she effortlessly accepts it all. This female truthfully can seize control of the entire planetary weather system at will. In that, he sees more than hedonism and the belief of Mortal DNA staining.

“ Wow, you are unique, Lil Earthling. Yes, you are. “ Dain affirms with nodding bow of his proud head in a gentleman’s acknowledgment of respect.

Augusta winces at him being puzzled by the odd comment but she says nothing. That mostly comes due to that the Ef king continues to another topic.

“ Queen Aos-Si decreed it illegal for any Elf or Fae to be involved this year. Delbaeth will be seized upon returning to our Fae Other realms. As for you…uhm…as you mentioned. I prefer to not be stupid. ”

She stares at him in remembering what she had stated prior. Then instantly Augusta chuckles conveying, “ Yes, I knew that you could not be. So please serve the rightful things for when you do I allow fairness. My intent is a friendly, well-cultivated relationship with all Terran Fae. As I made clarified during the past hours of chat. “

“ Yes, and your privacy will be repeated. ” Dain reply in knowing that the entirety of this disturbance into her life is extra disrespectful.

“ Thank you, King Aossi. And, I will deal with my promise. After that Delbaeth is yours to properly govern. If you don’t then he goes to Eire where Queen Aos-Si may remove his skin as a reward for disobedience. ”

Silence heavily plops between them. The silence of both knowing how morbidly cruel Queen Titania Fae Aos-Si can be. Notorious is an understatement and they both know it.

Then with a sudden snap of fingers, Augusta beckons the waiter over. He comes quickly for the restaurant finds emptiness at the late hour. She passes over a credit card with the statement of, “ I need a bottle of your best white wine, a bottle of your best rum and a radio. All of it must be delivered to my suite of rooms. Then have the desk clerk phone in a wake-up call for nine. “

With that said she rises from the chair, nods farewell to Dain. He swiftly slips from the seat to serve a royal bow in respectfully stating, “ It is truly an honour to have met you. I am your servant always, Lil Earthling. ”

Augusta sends forth a half-smile before turning on those stiletto heels to depart without supplying another anything.

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