Wolffian Species - ArtWoffian: ( Canis Viri Sanguinum )

Type: Sanguine Canine

Subclass: Transforming Canine, shapeshifter

Gender: They have both males and females.

Wolf Form:  It is a typical large wolf species compatible to other predatory canines of its planetary environment.

Wolffian Form:

Eye Color: Red

Hair: A mane of humanoid hair the colour of its wolf species hair.

Fur: They have two kinds of hairs with one long, stiff hairs of the outer coat, called “guard hairs” and the other an “undercoat” of soft fur which grows thick in the winter and helps to insulate its body from the cold.

Skin Type: Canine skin

Skin Tone: Varied

Size: Muscular

Length: 7 Feet – 8 Feet

Weight: 200lbs – 250lbs

Intelligence: It is sentient and has an animal instinct.

Languages: Arcana Canine

Personality: It depends on an individual entity

Special Qualities: Quick healing abilities

Running Speed: 50-60 Km/h

Strength: 2 times stronger than most wolves or humanoids.

Offspring: Mammalian type birthing-live birthing.

Gestation Period: 9 months

Lifespan: 80 – 110 years ( Mortal )

Information: Wolffians are an enormous bloodthirsty predatory wolf species. They were originally created by toxic Lukkan DNA being ingested by various wolf species.

Their society is pack-based ( Pack-clan ). Their entire society is regulated by the survival of the fittest, family bonds and pack-clan loyalty.

They are carnivores and predatory with hunting in packs. The food supply is meat-based and blood, preferring live feasting or fresher foods.

Death occurs naturally due to ageing. But, they can be killed via decapitation, poisoning by silver or/and extreme blood loss.