Thereon Addis Aden

Thereon Addis AdenName: Thereon Addis Aden

Aliases: Philosopher King, T4


Heritage: Terran Centaur

Bio-gender: Male

Age: 1234 years old

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Height: 6 Ft 0 Inches

Weight: 1357 lbs

Length: 9.2 Feet

Eyes: Brown with a dark circle.

Hair: A rich chocolate brown, thick mane.

Body Build: Regally muscular with showing his age.

Complexion: A Bay coat, a rich chocolate brown with black points.

Special Features: A tiny white star spot on his left-hand hindquarter.


Personality: He is impressively regal, intimidating, confident, bold, courageous, philosophical, commanding, a knowledge keeper, forthright and patient.


Life Status: King in exile, philosopher, father, and knight. 


Special Info: (Abilities/Weaknesses/Etc.)

Weakness – Terran females/Earth woman, grain-based alcoholic beverages.

Abilities – Excellent marksman, first-class archer, top-class sword wielder, senses highly keen. 


Titles: King Thereon Addis Aden IV. HRH King Thereon Addis Aden. Duke Thereon Addis Aden of Terrafykle. HRH Duke Thereon Addis Aden of Terrafykle



Lue Hath Aden ( Queen Lue I ) ( Wife )

Biros Thereon Aden ( Prince Biros ) ( Eldest son, heir apparent ) 

Tipler Addis Aden (Prince Tipler) ( Youngest son )

Maru Onerous Aden ( Princess Maru ) ( Only daughter )

Thereon Biros Aden ( King Thereon III ) ( Father – Deceased )

Maru Kith Aden (Queen Maru I – Deceased )



Thereon Aden’s family is the hereditary, rightful monarchs of Terran/Earth Centaurs. His leadership became swallowed by the ancient and more powerful aristocratic culture of Centaurs on the planet of Luft, Luftian Centaurs. He holds kingly titles that are only recognized by Terran/Earth DNA Centaurs. The ruling system of planetary culture amongst Luftian Centaurs gifted his family the titles of Dukes with an entire valley for their lands, Terrafylke. 

Cian Immortalis commanded that the Aden family, heirs and their power be respected and accepted. However, all Terran Centaurs have treated lesser creatures among the Centaur culture on Luft. They are seen as outsiders no matter how many centuries it has been.

The Aden kings are the secret keepers of the Sadok Bow, the ones owning the full knowledge of its weaponry and use. Only they know of its true power and how to activate its various abilities. This is why Thereon comes to Augusta Aeries Cian. He is ready to assist if the knowledge that lay dormant within her about the bow does not become activated upon taking possession of it.