Divina Vampirium – Chapter 3

DV CH - 3

Dawn comes with it swiftly turning into dusk due to peace negations becoming loud in a constancy. No negations occur even though the Vampire Queen’s decoration for an acceptable peace accord reigns as generous. Very generous when considering what has taken place. Instead, it is wrangling a deal for the freedom of Britus. That abides as the only topic willingly discussed. Nothing else and to top it off the true leaders of the treason remains mysterious, clandestine and free.

“ Yes, free,” Repeats Phoenix with becoming more irritated of the circumstances after a communications Lieutenant delivers the same news provide every hour of the current day.

But the feelings become pushed aside with each stride of those knee-high black leather stiletto boots. Powerful purpose stride sending out a ringing declaration on the metal floor of Kavea Interment Prison. The pace proclaims, ‘I am here, here to teach you, you bastard. I hope you are not ready’. That whistles in Phoenix’s thoughts as the intense regal aura emanates while those powerful hip sway in a melodic rhythm of a female demanding her just due. Payment and according to her inner voice she comes for him and those boots with a diamond-encrusted toe box will be used. Oh yes, plans abide about the delivering much more than words.

That truth keeps Queen Scorpio comfy in distraction from being angry about the responses from Blut Bez. Yet, as she walks the long underground hall of Wing Doom those responses from her enemy do bring her here too. Here to the most renowned dissection prison in the Demonic realms.

Yes, a dissection facility considered to be death row. A criminal sent to this prison never leaves. The medically-based institution exists under the terms of research with eventual dissection of all inmates. Arcane gruesome punishment in an advanced age of intellectual Vampires that is required by such a society of complex highly intelligent primal humanoid creatures. Thus, it abides as Vampire species beliefs that only powerful actions make sense when laws are broken.

Turning to face the metal door with ‘Hole 15’ written upon it she gazes back toward her entry point. Then after counting guards, she does the same about the opposite direction.‘Over forty guards for me, wow, wonder if it’s normal. Or, maybe it is special.’ Within that thinking, the door at her backside opens to reveal a tall blond-haired Succo male dressed in lab wear. He holds the rank of Medical Colonel. He swiftly swings around to face Scorpio to then provide a salute when stating, “ Colonel Kale at your service Empress.”

With a nod of recognition Scorpio requests,“ Report of the situation.”

“ Per usual energy-draining chains with being heavily medicated and on a metal slabbed bed. No luxuries, only sleep permitted as comforts. Nostris is fed small amounts of continuously cycling aura energy to keep his mind from insanity. He is aware that you come for information and vengeance. He welcomes it for he claims a secret with being vocal about dissuading fellow Aurans. Additionally, Nostris sternly swears loyalty to you. The strange thing about that is that our lie detector analysis reports that he tells the truth.”

With a breath of preparation Scorpio commands, “ Open it and lessen the dose of aura energy while I am here. I want him understanding the power dynamic.”

The entry keypad finds its code entered with the door swiftly sliding open. Scorpio stands perfect straight in peering into the large space to see the male Auran that easily allows her to be tortured. As their eyes meet it is shoulders strong, head high and walking directly in front of him to be eyes to eyes. Inches away, just enough to read his soul and then a step back to ruthlessly swing a diamond-encrusted foot to greet the dead center of his genitalia. Instantly Britus`s body explodes with intense hot rippling pain that rocks into those eyes.

“ I do believe you gave me several of those.” Calmly proclaims Scorpio as she notices that Colonel Kale places a chair a few inches behind her.

Without any hesitation, she sits upon it to elegantly cross legs as another militia member brings a tray of tea service. Tea for one is pure, poured into a crystal clear cup as it then held for her to possess. She does, she sips it slowly and all while happily looking Britus in eyes to allow the sheer wall of mind-blowing pain to be absorbed along with the profanity stopping.

Oh yes, it hurt. He has things to say about it too, none of it nice and his anger now ignites. But, he slowly cools it to holds himself in the understanding that justice must exist between them. So, he expected that kick and eventually a few more similar things. Yet, he hopes, he does for the last wish is loyalty to the Scorpio clan. He must be for his only child does hold Scorpio blood in her veins.

But tea becomes sipped, the amusement served is enjoyed as some minor movement of personnel exists in other parts of the prison cell. All of it is right on schedule as Queen Scorpio settles into beginning interrogation.

“ You don’t need to do more violence, my Empress. I willingly talk truth to you. I want to tell you anything that you wish to know.” Britus professes with then inserting, “ I only ask that you find ways to protect my only child, my Lenalou.” This comes with him knowing that Scorpio owes him nothing.

The only hope left in him is that he may save someone that he loves, save from the brutal death that is coming to any rebel in his family. “ She is two, only two and her Succo mother ties to your clan. Please, please, I beg you to save a child who is part of your own. She is halfling Succo-Auran, she will be loathed by Aurans but you can save your own.”

The delivery of his last wish is not tearful. He expects nothing, no mercy and to serve up truth no matter what she wants or does.

” The secrets Britus, tell the secrets,” Arrives in clear coolness with a lethal stare as Scorpio gently sits the empty teacup on a silver tray held by a guard.

She then turns to peer at the entry door due to sensing the presence of someone unexpected. However, she leaves that unaddressed for instinct claims that interference won’t occur. But, she knows who stands in the hall waiting.

“ I am waiting Britus, but I shall not wait as long as you did. I do believe you gave almost a half hour before serving three more kicks to my vagina.”

With boundaries coming into play Scorpio rises from the metal chair to come in close to him. So close that their noses almost touch as she surveys his eyes. ‘Spill it! She growls as an instant glint form in her eyes to be followed by “ You gifted five in total. Those should be returned to you. Karma brings payment for each of those.”

“ Karma, my Empress, yes it comes to me. But, the secrets that I hold must be told.”

“ Then tell them for my patience left when you served that fifth kick several days ago.”

Looking toward the door a horrifying fear owns him. He too does sense the presence outside the door. It makes him quake in growing into a panic state.“ Please, I beg you to protect Lenalou. Please, my queen, please for she is your own. Please, it is my last wish.”

“ Spill it Britus, time is up. Answers now!” Arrives in lethal impatience as Scorpio walks to the room’s entry. Once there she takes one calculated step into the hall. But, she sees no one but the forty-some prison guards. Thus, she turns around to reenter the prison cell with then once more walking over to stand in front of Britus.

“ You feel her too.” He stutters in panicked fear.

“ I do. But, I no longer fear her as you do.” Firmly conveys Scorpio in continuing to nudge out what needs to be told. “ Since you do fear then keep it short with secret telling.”

“ Okay, okay…grandmother spoke to my father with great fear. My Gran is Gessop Nostris`s only wife. She feared nothing and no one, just as grandfather held no fear. He didn’t need to fear for he was the only global Emperor of the Kings` Council of Blut Bez. He was worshipped. So, is she.”

“ I am aware of your clan’s legacy, so it’s not a secret. None of what you say is a secret.” Firmly convey Scorpio.

“ Secret, no but my granny fearing means someone more powerful than you is behind all of this. Power more than Auran and Scorpio. ” He states with eying the doorway as trembling consumes to the point that the sounds pound the metal bed.

“ Go on, come on tell me,” Sternly comes spoke with not needing delays because of who is wandering around the facility.

“ Yes, telling about observations in concern to my homeworld. Telling that off-world Demons own more than a third of our businesses. There was one percent off-world entities before. Our monarchies suddenly have high infertility rates. Marriages with off-world Demons now equal Auran annual bonding rites. Plus, there are thousands upon thousands of young adult Aurans refusing mandatory military service, globally the amount is almost two million. ”

“ Once more no secret, nothing to even have me think of saving your child.” Conveys Phoenix in a growing wariness about waiting on his truths.

“ Secret, that would be Gran`s death. It came during your confinement. She died in my arms when I checked on her in my war bunker. Only my bunker keeper and I know about her dying because as the eldest grandchild I’m to bury her. And, she can only be buried if her last wish is filled.” Britus claims as pseudo calmness float into the moment.

“ So, that is the secret. Not important, so why do you keep it? ” Requests Scorpio, in feeling such facts seems unimportant. Thus, she restates that to him. “ It seems an unimportant secret to keep, the death.”

“ No, it is not!” Britus sharply growls in being irritated before then continuing sharing truths, “ It is important because of what we both now sense.”

That puzzles Phoenix. It does for not any part of what he claims could be secret worthy. “ Sorry, but you lost me. And yes, all Vampires feel what we both felt moments ago. ”

“ She is not here for tea. You think about that. Do it while knowing Gran`s last wish held her name and yours. A blessing about you and a hope about what happens. A hope that she and Lord Timis stop hiding things from you.” Inserts Britus with feeling like he is safe to say what he needs to.

“ Then tell me what exactly was wished, ” demandingly bites in a reply because Phoenix despises games, all games and this feels like a sport for him.

“ I can’t. It breaks funeral sacredness with sending Gran`s soul to the Silent Abyss.” He retorts in tiredness owning him. But, as that exhaustion fully holds him, he says a strange thing. “ Divine vampirium, unite new primordial breaths, wages Demonos, as aura falls.”

With this spoken, Colonel Kale steps forward from his observation point inside the entry of the padded cell. “ His energy is near gone. We either amp up the food to the former status or he dies tomorrow.”

“ Uhm, yes, I can sense that. He has done good, feed him. Double the ration that he had before. I need him to be focused when I return for more answers. ”

With that instruction complete Scorpio owns freedom to deal with a few other things. The three top events involve females abiding in her household. The least favourite is an invader, one who drops in unannounced. The second female possesses an invasion licence but does not do it often enough. Thus, both of those must be invited to a late supper. However, number three provides a need to chat with her uncle Heinous. Therefore, Phoenix must return to the palace’s war room. Such a truth allows the use of the quickest way out of the prison. That abides as a secret passage of a hidden stairwell. Such exists in the direction that Colonel Kale had earlier emanated from. So, it’s out the door, across the hall, down a long hall, into a secret room with a quick run in a long tunnel that brings her to the main gates.

In a mere fifteen minutes, the royal roadster begins to rip through the city streets to Norwa Palace. From arriving there it takes even less time to get to the underground war room. Once through the doors, she walks up behind Heinous Haero to lean in with whispering, “ Find Lenalou Nostris. Bring her to Bloodstone Castle. Guard her as you would family. And, the request is special between us two, only us.”

“ Yes, my Queen and she currently is in custody. Found with a dead body, an elder female that looks like Empress Isabelle Nostris. ” He conveys with asking, “ Are you here for a report or only because you missed me? ”

“ Missed you. Supper is soon. You join us. Dema is here.” Phoenix states in not wishing to entertain anyone other than Augusta.

“ Yes, she is here. She stuck her head in here with listening for a while.” Conveys Heinous with seeming unimpressed about their guest. “ Strange how she gets all bossy about vampiric law, strict of the rules of diplomacy and about boundaries. Yet, she seems to enjoy doing the opposite of what the rules are. Thus, I wonder if those no interference commandments apply to everyone but her. ”

Phoenix laughs, she laughs hard about that. For it is true, so truthful in it being billions of times factual about their Demon Goddess. However, Phoenix will deal with it later. For now, she wants kisses, she needs Augusta and they have a half-hour before supper. Thus, there is time for one serving of creamy treats before eating actual food.

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