Divina Vampirium – Chapter 5

DV CH - 5A mystery indeed, a mysterious history tolling futuristic truths written in riddles. Oddities of ancient knowledge that belong to secret societies with most of it doubted as truthful. But, it is considered enlightenment too. Information about the balance of darkness and light, as it holds threats of wonders occurring. These now add to a reality involving an illegitimate child, a dead queen, and another queen fighting for breaths in an archaic patriarchal realm. All of that and more while enduring an unnecessary war that has the most powerful of all Demons strangely attentive. So why, why is she. That question creates a mystery to solve.

The answer brings more dealing with Aurans…yes, Britus. He suddenly talks of prophecies the moment Queen Phoenix Scorpio enters the prison cell to begin the second event of interrogation. This session comes late during the evening following the dinner with Dema Nyx.

” Divine vampirium, unite new primordial breaths, wages Demonos, as aura falls. Have you wondered about it? ” He sharply demands as Scorpio enters the cell carrying whips to see him in standing position but chained with modern draining chains. “ You must have thought of it, it is not something commonly shared.”

No reply comes, only an ignoring silence that provokes an impatient repeating of what he spoke the day prior. “ Divine vampirium, unite new primordial breaths, wages Demonos, as aura falls.”

It is heard, Phoenix Scorpio owns excellent hearing. But, she limits interrogation processes to certain expectations before actually dealing with matters of business. So, she allows him to realize that by allowing a strident melodious quiet to come between them. That permits sensing of the energies emanating in the room. Such brings conclusions about the moment that swiftly bears fruit.

“ Respect is required, ” She delivers in intense coolness with then unravelling the eleven-foot long thong of the black leather bullwhip with its ten-inch fall and deadly poison stained threads of the popper.

He stares at her letting the infamous bullwhip gracefully unfurl while he notes the existence of the snake whip attached to her hip. He knows that Phoenix can’t use her favourite weapon in this space, the long bullwhip. Thus, the bullwhip display owns terrorizing about a possible vicious playtime. He knows that it does for she possesses a reputation in concern to whips, whipping and being a renowned whip cracker. Hence, he assumes that the smaller one on her right hip will meet his flesh soon. But, maybe the three-foot-long snake whip will remain holstered. This he hopes.

“ Oh, I respect you, my queen. Every inch of me is obedient to the monarch of all Vampires. However, denying the truth of wanting an Auran king to rule us all would be a lie. And, at this juncture lies are not needed. Thus, may we discuss the quatrain spoken during yesterday before I passed out? ”

She frostily glares at him as a white leather winged back chair and a table comes ushered into the cell. Once it is settled directly in front of him a tea service becomes perched upon the ornate white table beside the chair. Immediately after this dispatching of comforts, Phoenix turns to gaze into Britus`s hopeful eyes. In the greenness of them, she reads that patience finally exists. That brings a tidy tucking of the bullwhip under her left arm that promotes the removal of white leather gloves. It is only then that Phoenix gracefully plants her queenly ass upon the very comfy chair with then crossing long elegant legs to display the diamond-studded white leather ankle boots.

“ Games, I dislike them!” Flows in crisp smoothness while intensifying intent in continuing the cold tone. “ Mysteries, I despise them.” She claims in holding her body sternly straight while moving into doing a professing. “ But, since there exist two royal Auran death wishes and a royal child then I’m willing to play. Thus, I am prepared to unravel the mystery.” 

With a deep breath, she watches him grin as she removes the gloves and bullwhip to place them on the table beside the tea tray. “ Enjoy your grin, but be quick, quick is good when males are involved.”

“ I grin because I knew that you are worthy. And, if it’s a quickie you want then it’s a quickie you get.” Slips from him in seeming aroused of the idea of a quickie when it’s her, even if it is only concerning truths.

“ So talk, tell of the quatrain, don’t stop until you state all you need to. And, if it pleases me then the snake whip remains leashed.” Phoenix instructs with a seething simplicity with doing further clarifying about the deal between them before finding silence to listen. “ If not, if I am not pleased, then I begin with delivering every speck of pain that you gifted me.”

“ Paragon of Paradiso,” Britus cuttingly begins in ramping into what must be shared. “ He created 1200 prophetic gem disks fired in the primordial NOS energy hole on Eire. Each disk was mystically created during the fourth century of creation. Only Paragon and the Fae queen experienced the conjuring smithy. The gem discs are owned by a wide variety of secret cults. We vamps possess any discs that pertain to Vampires. Two such discs hold the following verses upon them.”

He gazes at her, he notes that she is fully engaged in listening. He needs her to hear this important business between them. She must understand that a great wrong can be altered.

” Please be ready, please understand these things that are foretold. What I say next holds a lot of knowledge and with it a mystery. I now quote the Prophecies of Paragon, these quatrains are known as Blood’s Fire.” With a profound inhaling breath and sincere hoping Britus begins nonstop quoting of the ancient writings.

“ Self pyre of rebirthing heart’s blood,” arrives shared as his eyes heatedly penetrate a knowingness into hers as he says it.

“ Shining signalling, crowning feminine,” At this, a coldness weaves into his stare as Phoenix raises an eyebrow of being amused of seeing him daring to be cold toward her.

“ Watery seduction, beguiling destruction into transformation,” Flows from Britus as his eyes find a glow of being pleased about her being amused. The amusement intends that she is truly giving attention and that is perfectly needed. He needs that from her, just as she too needs it but Phoenix doesn’t know it yet.

“ Divine vampirium unite primordial breaths wages Demonos aura falls.” Then his eyes grow in sadness, mournful with emotion making this body tremble of knowing what that may truly mean to him and his kind.

Phoenix instantly sits straighter with listening more diligently. Something in him changed right before her eyes. A change of importance, a movement into truly harsh unforgivable things seems to be foretold and that becomes sensed. Thus, instinct tells that he speaks of a deed most terrible. It must be for Britus peers at her with deep fear causing Phoenix to possess knowledge that she is the only hope.

“ Fire whipping worlds, kneeling the knights.” Softly comes in holding in raw emotion as Britus continues. “ Chaos’s peace kneels in spiritus gleaning passion.”

Phoenix listens to it all but each sentence makes no common sense. So, she leans back in the chair and merely watches as he shares more. More verses as she accepts a cup filled with tea serviced by Colonel Kale that attends the event too.

“ Stolen ruler, powerful change, equinoctial energy.” And then, Britus serves more as he once more realizes that most humanoids never understand any of the quatrains. But, he is hoping that his queen will try to, even if it takes a while to believe in the foretelling.

“ Darkness jealous, in envious of breaths, breaths owning celestial lord.”

Finally, the last one, the ending verse to Blood’s Fire comes delivered into creating stillness. Within that utter silence arrives in an aura of ominous deeds owning the future. But, as always Phoenix rips through such energy for such things are never tolerated. She deeply believes in forging destiny every moment of her life.

“ Is that all you have to say of your treason? ” She crispy inquires with sipping the Scorpius Sambucus tea while ignoring the giving of any reply due to needing to know if he repents.

“ No, I have more things to say. But, I am being patient in saying them. You do prefer me to be that when we chat. You made that clear at the start today.” Britus cheekily tosses out in reply with then diligently watching the tea tasting while smacking his lips to display a wish to drink some.

That won’t happen, thus onward with the tellings. “ I will die before night’s end if you do not kill me now. And, you won’t. But, she has her ways of punishing the Nostris clan. So, my Auran wish involves my daughter. ”

His eyes instantly close for pain fills him to the point of hating himself. Despising what must now be done. He knows that this moment ends his role in the prophecies. In that truth, his breaths are solidly profound while summoning what must be done.

“ You believe that she needs saving. Stop thinking about saving her. Let her die. LenaLou is a prophesied death bringer. Her birth changes this universe. She drains anyone who touches her. Her vampiric hunger owns no limits.”

” You are joking! ” Sharply interrupts Phoenix with great disbelief with her instantly beginning to protest about murdering a Scorpio baby.

” No, and leave LenaLou in the basket to starve. Let her die at the bloodstone castle. Her mother nearly died in childbirth. LenaLou has killed countless Aurans, including several in my family. She secretly owned the title of being the most prolific serial killer before she reached two. ”

” No, no, you can’t ask me to kill your daughter.” Flies in reply from Phoenix as she chooses to disbelieve any of what he now claims as true. Thus, she continues protesting. ” She is your only child, heir to the Nostris clan. ”

” I can. I do. And, you must now fill my Auran death wish. It is the same wish made by my grandmother, Isabella.” He demandingly conveys with keeping his eyes set in a constant begging stare into Phoenix`s eyes.

” I..I..I.” sputters from Phoenix in deep breaths of finding the task impossible to bear as she rises from the chair to stand inches away from him.

She eyes him, hunts those eyes with her own. She needs to do something to him, to do anything, just anything to stop the request of the wish. She must stop him, she simply must. But, he speaks quickly and in doing so he shows wide-eyed attention to owning her attention.

” Yes, listen to me. That is it, listen to these things, my queen. This is my repentance, this is my atonement for treason. So, please, adhere to these things that I woefully speak.” Arrives in a seeping mourning cry as he begs for her to understand and to do what must be done.

” Her death stops the war. Trust me that it does. It also creates Divina Vampirium. But, to do that you need the basket. The wicker basket has a false bottom. In it, you will find four quatrain discs and a recorded chat between Nyx and Immortalis. A recording made by me.”

They stare, she grabs his face with piercing the sullen flesh with those sharpened well-manicured fingernails. Blood red painted nails as his blood pours from him. Pain fills him but she holds that face with driving in a vengeance about what he asks of her. Pierced, her eyes looking into his soul while her mesmeric blues display contempt. But, suddenly illumination strikes.

” Is that why Dema is lurking around here? ” Phoenix softly requests in beginning to truly understand so much more than the obvious about the war and of Dema too.   

“ Yes, death bringers have always been secret tools of destruction for Demon monarchs. An Auran death bringer gifts divine Demoniac power to those who control or kill them. So, make sure my daughter is dead when you take the items from her basket. If you don’t then you need to be beware that the new age of gynarchical rule in the Vampirium never exists.”

They stayed like that, glaring, staring, bearing knowledge and sharing through eyes to eyes understanding. She stands in front of him dressed completely in white while exchanging soul notes with no words. They read each other well for all of the words have been said already. Then after twenty minutes, she kisses his forehead in a whisper of, “Forgiven”. But, they both know that he dies. They each understand that truth, the truth that no matter what he dies. And, that comes because of Nyx`s anger tending to not be satiated in any other way.

So Phoenix Scorpio departs after the saying about forgiveness. But, in leaving she commands that he be given the tea to drink along with the last meal of a Neroian traditional meal. 

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